Newbie Blogger :)

Pages in my site are inspired by the teachings of the seven mountains by Dr. Lance Wallnau. My posts are categorized according to different interests and insights I’ve learned and how they are interrelated with the different influences in the seven mountains.

  1. Arts and Fashion. Creativity and resourcefulness in arts and fashion are shared in this page. My inspirations and other influences are also included.
  2. Business and Wealth. Posts include relevant teachings about business basically from my MBA class and first-hand experiences at work.
  3. Church and community. Events and relevant happenings in the church. This may also include my favourite verses and stories in the Bible and my Christian life.
  4. Education and lifestyle. “How-to” and other techniques that I personally learned will take this page.
  5. Family and friends. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners with friends and family.
  6. Law and Politics. Issues in the government and other regulating bodies that may have caught my attention and interest. Germane lessons from my law subjects may also be included.
  7. Media. Simply public press releases.

Enjoy reading!

-LAV Stories, Inspired by Love, Passion and Creativity.


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