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Apple-storeThere are not many companies that could have a 35% stock drop in six months where the CEO would not be under tremendous pressure. That includes Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) CEO Tim Cook. Although he was hand-picked by deceased former CEO and founder Steve Jobs, the Apple board many consider him a liability if Apple’s new products fail in the marketplace and the company misses a number of its financial forecasts and its share price continues to fall rapidly. Apple’s board, like any other responsible one, has an obligation to pick the best person possible run the company. And Cook may have stumbled though enough tests that his ouster may be just months away.

Who would replace Cook? The list is fairly short, given Apple’s size and the complexity of its products and technology.

Apple would not turn inside the company to pick a new chief executive. Too many of Apple’s most senior management have been with the firm…

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