Often times passion come so easy when we are in an environment that is charged up with God’s Presence and when we are surrounded by people whose hearts are on fire and stuffs are happening. BUT what do you do when you have the PROPHETIC PROMISE spoken to you, and it seem like the wait is getting so long, and all that you do seem to fail and nothing is working. You have prayed, you have fasted, you have done all the steps and yet NOTHING seem to work.


Fullness of life, or living in fullness is connected to living with PASSION. A passionless person is as good as dead, it is tragic, it becomes mere survival instead of having life and living it out to the fullest.

There are individuals wired or have inner CONVICTION to express their passion radically in the midst of resistance and they infect others with it. But many do have PASSIONS that are dying, or dormant, or silenced for whatever reason- past, upbringing, failures, poverty, or self-pity, low self-esteem, or shackles of sin. I have a good news for you: You can bring back your PASSION.

Illustration: amputee Raissa Laurel, 25yrs old, a 2nd year Law student, who was at the wrong place at the wrong time, yet in the midst of this she forgave and declared that she will be a lawyer someday. That’s PASSION! Recently, she was honored by no less than the President himself and even said she is the icon for the Filipinos.

1 Sam 30:1-10
1. Make a CHOICE and inner RESOLVE to strengthen yourself no matter what your circumstance dictates
2. Go deeper into the PRESENCE of GOD
3. Hear His Voice- in His Voice is the grace, the power, the encouragement that you need.

Gen 15:1-21
4. See BEYOND YOUR CIRCUMSTANCE- eyes of Faith, v. 5-7
5. Remember His COVENANT with you
6. OFFER UP A SACRIFICE- releases the FIRE of GOD. Eg- David, Solomon, Elijah, Jesus. There’s something to sacrifice- it releases a new measure of GRACE

1 Tim 1:18, 2 Tim 1:6&7
7. Stir UP the PROPHETIC GIFTS. Re-MIND yourself of the PROPHECIES.

Psalm 77:1-3, 11-20

Jonathan and his armor bearer
When riding a bicycle, balance happens when you ride and are moving forward, not when you are stopping.
A person of passion will face KINGS, INFLUENCERS…live for something bigger than you. Your passion lit up during the hardest times will be the fuel for the greater measures of breakthrough ahead.

God sends the fire, we are called to keep it burning. HOW, feed it with FUEL- all the things that will make us burn bright; REMOVE the ashes, anything that’s dead, burn out things of the past, familiarity, pride, independence, lies; Remember the WORD will be tested (sower and the seed), the word spoken over us has the potential to release not just the GRACE of GOD but it attracts persecution, ridicule, pain, etc.

When these happen, the only way to do is HOLD ON DEEPER to His WORD and go deep in His Presence.

Demonstrate your Passion:
2 Kings 13:14-19
Sometimes the test comes in the most unexpected way. Don’t stop halfway. Faith believes it is finished! Anchor yourself on something that’s immovable, unchanging (God and His Promises)

The king was given a chance. His lack of PASSION sabotaged the INHERITANCE (VICTORY, BREAKTHROUGH) that’s available for the rest of Israel.

You cannot be TENTATIVE in your PASSION. I believe the POSTURE of BALANCE is LEANING FORWARD- to His Will, to His Presence, to His Purposes, to Victory, to success, to abundance, to Righteousness, to salvation of souls, to breakthroughs.

Author: Ptr. Paul Yadao
He is the Lead Pastors of Destiny Ministries International in Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines. He is passionate in pursuing the Presence of God and in demonstrating the reality of the Kingdom of God.

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