Catanduanes’ Candidates for 2013 Congressional and Provincial Elections

Vote wisely mga kababayan!


Incumbents usually have the advantage. But will the sitting elected officials in Catanduanes make it in 2013? Here are some interesting facts:

First, Since 1992, there was no governor who was able to complete three terms. The most
that a governor could get is two terms and these are Verceles and, at present, Cua. Should Cua finish a three term, that would be the first in the history of post-Marcos elections.

Second, since 1992, there are two Congerssmen who were able to complete three terms: Leandro Verceles Jr., and Joseph Santiago. Initially, it can be said that voters tend to re-elect
Congressmen. When compared, however, to other positions such as Gubernatorial position, the case is otherwise. Since 1992, Catanduanes governor changed hands for four times.  Verceles, who run for governor after having been elected Congressman only served for two terms as governor.

The complete list of candidates for the 2013…

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