Candy Crush insight


I’ve been playing the level 28 at Candy Crush but I couldn’t move on to the next level. Why I reached level 28? It’s my younger brother and sister who played in my account the past weeks. I never played from the very start, all I know I’m at level 28 already. I started playing at that level couldn’t climb-up. Grrrrh. I’ve been hitting the target but I couldn’t clear all the jellies.:( Oh, sweet candies!

I’m thinking of a bright solution…I’ll just let my younger siblings move me up to the next level 😀
My class started yesterday so no more time to crush candies 🙂

Insight 1: Calculate your move. Delegate your tasks.
Insight 2: It’s not enough that you did your best in hitting the target, you must meet all the requirements just like crushing all those jellies.


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