What I like about the Click the City App

What I like about the Click the City App

Since most of my night-outs are unplanned, I decide on the spot where to hangout together with my so-called un-prepared friends. “Click the City App” has been a very great help to me in providing some suggestions from movie choices, food and dining guide to concert and plays in town. 🙂

Here are some of the highlights of what I like the most about this app.


1. Movie Guide- Every time I’ll go to a movie with friends, “The ClickTheCity App” has always been a great help to us. “Let me check Click the City”, my friend said. Before we finally choose a movie, we can also read the synopsis and review.


2. Food and Dining Guide- The app gives suggestions and listings of restaurant details such as contact information, location map, menu and other branches.  Food blogs submitted by resident bloggers or guests are also available.  Thus, it’s easy for me to decide which one is the best place.


3. TV Channels and Schedules- I can also browse schedules of my favorite shows from both local and cable channels. I can also get suggestions of what movies to watch on TV.


4. Privileges- Privileges let me avail of the special offers and discounts from the participating merchants. A deal can be searched using the NearME function or search by location. I can choose my favorite coupon and flash it for deals. Spending almost a thousand for a meal is already expensive for me. Thus, having discount coupons makes me happy.

The above pictures are only some features of the app that I like. Overall, I find it useful and user friendly.  I have few suggestions though such as follows: add live chat with the merchants so that user will find it easy to ask further questions; add search boxes; and add group chat so that users can ask and share opinions from fellow users.


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