Heart Matters!

Heart Matters!

Somebody told me this….”Leizl, in this season…

Begin to dress the way you want to feel instead of how you presently feel.

Remember your appearance will influence your emotions.

Your wardrobe is always sending a message to someone.

Your appearance is either attracting success or rejecting it.

Your wardrobe tells others how you want to be approached.

Always dress to create the feeling you need for the task at hand.”

I totally agree with what was said. But I do believe that what’s inside your heart still what matters the most. The world may be looking at you at your finest physical appearance, but the question is, what’s inside your heart. How pure is your heart? Are you clear with your intentions? Do you have pure motives?

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God (Mathew 5:8).

Heart matters greatly matter!

Goodnight everyone! 🙂