10 Problems Only Law Students Can Understand

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1. Romantic relationships are a luxury. If you had a significant other before law school began and he/she is an understanding and patient person, then you are fortunate. I am luckily in that boat (even though the long distance is a pain). But if I went into school as a single person, I definitely would not have embarked on a new relationship. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

2. You are weirder than you used to be. I go home on breaks to hang out with my friends and try to relax, but I hear/watch myself being weird and socially awkward. Whatever “coolness” I once had is gone. It’s like my inner-nerd has come out, permanently.

3. Your weight is never constant. “Make a frozen pizza and get all my homework done, or workout/cook a decent meal and be unprepared for class” is a regularly occurring thought.

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