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Surviving Lagua’s Financial Management 101

When I was taking my financial management, my harvard-graduate professor told me that he will be teaching us how to make money in class. Quite disappointed after the term, it was just all about theories and concepts in finance. You see, you will never get wealthy unless you jump into the business of money-making. But how does one really become wealthy? Is it just really about managing your finances well, organizing or controlling  your financial activities? Proper allocation of funds, wise investment and appropriate cash management?  It made me think. How do I utilize my funds? I must increase my financial literacy.

Never in his class was mentioned Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the Rich Dad and Poor Dad, a financial guru. I got so engaged with the book when I read it that I finished it only in one reading. Crazy. That’s how I read book. I don’t stop until I get much. lol. He did mentioned though his favorite authors on how he initially learned net present values and return on investments. Those were useful for further references. 🙂

Going back, his class was composed of long lectures, endless reports and long exams—yes, difficult midterms and brain-crashing-nose-bleeding-final exams. I thought I couldn’t make it. But how to survive his class? Follow the tips below:

  1. Work hard. Reading books in his class is a prerequisite. You’ll understand the lesson better if you’ll come to class prepared. Read the assigned cases and prepare to answer the questions. Research the possible solutions prior coming to class. Anticipate his follow-up questions. He is smart enough to do the art of questioning while simultaneously grilling you in front of the class. So better be prepared.
  2. Participate in class. Basically, in order for your professor to remember you, you have to make an effort to at least raise your hand and deliver significant contribution. Don’t let the class ends without contributing to the class. Ask if necessary.
  3. Volunteer to photocopy the reading materials. I did. Eventually, he appointed me to be the President of the class. Insight in this kawang-gawa? Leadership is servanthood. You must be willing na maging alipin para sa ikabubuti ng nakakarami. Hehehe. I enjoyed serving the class. I was happy doing litte things which I know could help all of us in class. Also, don’t forget to announce his reminders in the yahoogroup. It will benefit those who were absent during the class discussion.
  4. Dress-up! During our second reporting, he dubbed me as”Best-dressed in Class”. Oh no, it was neither a prom night nor a fashion class but I see to it that I look presentable during the presentation. I humbly accepted the compliment (lol) and told him, “we have prepared for this”, and the group smiled a lot. It was fun seeing him getting distracted by the girls power and wit. We were five women in the group by the way. When I say dress-up, at least be presentable during the reporting. The school has no prescribed uniform for graduate classes but try donning casual clothes at least, or business attire. Avoid wearing sandos, T-shirt and slippers. It’s a big NO! NO! NO! In short, follow the university’s rule about appropriate attire.
  5. Be resourceful. Remember that most professors are already teaching in the university for years. It won’t hurt to ask advice from people who already took his class. Ask for tips and ideas how he handles his class.

The guidelines above worked for me. I couldn’t guarantee that those tips will also be applicable to you. Nevertheless, just have fun in class. Try to ask questions if you really don’t understand. He appreciates it when you do. To add, he patiently answers questions, exerts effort and works hard in lecturing compare to other professors I had so far. Have fun in appreciating and applying finance principles in getting wealthy and rich! 🙂

Oh, by the way, “start saving while you are still young and keep track of your finances”, he said during his final lecture. Do you know what he means by that? Any idea to share? Would love to hear from you:)

2 comments on “Business and Wealth

  1. i have an idea to share. common practice is after payday, we pay our bills, debts if there are, groceries/supply and extras. but if we are to save, we should have a paradigm shift. instead of SAVINGS=INCOME-EXPENSES; should be INCOME-SAVINGS=EXPENSES. so before spending our hard earned money, we should set aside our savings first before everything else. advice fr financial guru Mr Colayco

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