Where to dance salsa in Paris

Salsera in the City

So if you didn’t know already, I spent nearly a year living in the beautiful city of Paris. When I first arrived, I didn’t know anyone else who danced salsa and so I did what most people do to research anything: looked on the internet. Now, I don’t know what it’s like elsewhere, but I can safely vouch that all online resources for finding out what’s going on in both Paris and London are often poorly updated and several years out of date. I have indeed turned up for nights that no longer existed, and hadn’t existed for a good two or three years (you can’t say I lack enthusiasm), or nights that have changed address without an update to the website.  It’s so frustrating that salsa organisers seem to struggle on the technology front. It’s often the case that the most established nights are the ones that are next…

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12 pieces of advice for giving talks that have impact

Be unapologetically you.

TED Blog

Courtney E. Martin hosts a special session called "The 19th Minute," and gives valuable insight on how to give a talk that has real impact. Photo: Marla Aufmuth/TED Courtney E. Martin hosts a session called “The 19th Minute,” and shared valuable insight on how to give a talk that has real impact. Photo: Marla Aufmuth/TED

Sharing an idea isn’t like snapping your fingers — things don’t just instantly change. But as more people hear an idea over time, it can trickle into people’s thinking — and shifts, both subtle and extreme, can happen as a result. In a TEDWomen session called “The 19th Minute,” host Courtney E. Martin invited several guests to talk about what happened after they gave their 18-minute TED Talk — what changed, as well as what didn’t.

Deborah Rhodes spoke about the momentum her TEDWomen talk has built for using Molecular Breast Imaging rather than traditional mammography to screen for breast cancer under certain conditions. She still has a long way to go, she says, because, “mammography is very entrenched—culturally and medically.” Krista Donaldson talked about how her TEDWomen…

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12 Things You Should Expect When Dating A Strong Woman

Do not shy away from strong women, do not be intimidated by their passion for life. #justawarning 🙂


I think the term ‘independent woman’ gets some negative flack throughout society these days because often times, women have become so jaded that they swear off men and consistently talk about how they don’t need us. This, obviously, can be a little discouraging for guys at times and makes us feel unwanted.

For that reason, I’m going to use the term ‘strong woman,’ who may very well have many consistencies with a woman who is independent and doesn’t need you, but for the sake of this article, let’s operate under the assumption that she actually wants you. Something all of us want to feel.

Dating a woman who is strong and has her act together is an experience ripe with lessons to be learned. Trust me, I know. If you are going to fall in love with someone like this, there are going to be some things you should know…

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Open Water: Practice Starting from a Dead Stop

The WaterBlogged Triathlete

There is nothing like the chaos of a mass swim start. Elbows and feet are flying. People have grossly misjudged their abilities in the water. You’ve got faster people in back and slower ones in the front. Oh my gosh, did that guy just kick you on purpose? 

Photo Credit: Getty Images Photo Credit: Getty Images

Suddenly, your goggles are full of water and all you can see is a mess of bodies and bubbles. You have to stop. You have to adjust your goggles or get rid of them. But how? The water is too deep and you can’t touch the bottom. How can you prep for a scenario like this so you don’t panic when it actually happens?

One way is to practice in a pool before it happens. If your goggles need to be adjusted during a race, you’ll have to be able to start from a dead stop. That means without pushing off the wall…

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On the Mayweather Victory and Why It Doesn’t Matter

Jio F. Deslate


It really wasn’t about the fight’s result in the end. I’m not sour-graping. Neither am I disregarding the decisions of the judges. Floyd Mayweather did win. He outboxed Manny and — save for a few headlocks and an overuse of clinches — he did this fair and square. He will go down in history as an undefeated boxer who locked horns with the best of them. But that’s not really the story we care about. If the two men hung up their gloves this very day Mayweather’s victory would just be a footnote in the inspiring life of a fighter like Manny Pacquiao.

The great thing about boxing is that like any other sport it caters to our basest emotions in a relatively healthy way. It frees our primal side and leads us to be completely honest. I’ve encountered reserved, tactful adults screaming “yeah go kick his ass!” in the…

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They Called Her the ‘World’s Ugliest Woman.’ It Only Made Her Stronger.


Lizzie Velasquez will never forget the day she came upon a YouTube video with 4 million views and thousands of mean comments naming her the “World’s Ugliest Woman.” She was only 17 years old.

“When I saw it my whole world just felt like it crashed at that moment,” Velasquez, 26, tells PEOPLE of the experience that inspired her new documentary A Brave Heart, which premiered on Saturday at SXSW in Austin, Texas. “I thought, how in the world can I ever pick myself up from this?”

But Velasquez – who weighs just 63 lbs. due to a rare syndrome that doesn’t allow her to gain weight – did just that by becoming an anti-bullying activist and motivational speaker.

“If I ever see that person [who made the video] I would jump on them and give them the biggest hug in the world and tell them, ‘Thank you for…

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Lavish Lovers

Neal Obstat Theological Opining

Mary of Bethany, whose love for Jesus in Luke’s Gospel inspires her to ‘waste’ time sitting at his feet listening to him, is inspired by that same extravagant love in today’s haunting Gospel as she lavishly ‘wastes’ genuine aromatic nard to anoint Jesus’ feet.

Interesting to note that Jesus links her gesture of extravagant, excessive love with his upcoming Passion.  Theologian Hans Urs von Baltahsar caught this point: ‘Wastefulness is the original Christian attitude …the entire Passion occurs under the sign of this complete self-wasting of God’s love for the world’

Go and do likewise…

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Go Negosyo to hold the 7th Filipina Entrepreneurship Summit

In its continuing efforts to empower Filipinos to be enterprising and entrepreneurial, and as its dedication to enabling Filipinas, the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship, Inc. (Go Negosyo) in its tenth year as a progressive non-governmental advocacy-based organization, is holding the 7TH GO NEGOSYO FILIPINA ENTREPRENEURSHIP SUMMIT in time with the international celebration of the Women’s Month. This year’s Filipina Summit is set to happen on MARCH 6 2015, FRIDAY at the WORLD TRADE CENTER in Pasay City.

The Summit is centered on reinforcing the entrepreneurial spirit of the Filipino people, particularly the Filipina. It shall continue the annual tradition of recognizing our women and their capacity to be catalysts for change and progress. For six years in a row, this Summit, which usually has over 5,000 attendees, empowers our Filipinas by equipping them with a positive mindset and the tools and concepts necessary for them to pursue the path towards success most especially by being entrepreneurial and enterprising.

The Summit which will cover different entrepreneurship and empowerment topics will have several plenary fora featuring prominent female personalities. The first forum is the Keynote Forum that will highlight the inspiring stories, platforms and advocacies of women in governance. In addition, we will be awarding inspiring female entrepreneurs who are exemplary in the field of business. There will also be individual mentoring sessions with expert entrepreneurs we call Go Negosyo Angelpreneurs.

Interested Students & Teachers may get in touch with the #FES7 Secretariat thru Programs Development Associate, Ms. Aprilmae Casas at 637.9229. Schools will be sent official invitation letters addressed to the College or University President. Request for the official letter may also be communicated thru the Secretariat.

Go Negosyo is reserving 500 SEATS for Participants who are Non-Students & Non-Teachers. Registration fee is worth Eight Hundred Pesos (800.00) which cover for a packed lunch meal, seat reservation and a Certificate of Participation. Participants (non-students and non-teachers only) should reserve a slot by filling up the online registration database through http://tinyurl.com/GNFES7


Account Name: Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship Foundation, Inc.

Account Number: 4850-088-492 (BDO Savings Account)

For slot verification, the deposit slip should be sent via fax (637.7874) or via e- mail (filipinasummit.gonegosyo@gmail.com) (Subject: FES7Payment_LASTNAMEFIRSTNAME).


Interested Institutional Partners may get in touch with Go Negosyo’s Programs Development Manager Jap Uminga at 637.9229 or via e-mail (jap.pce@gmail.com).
Interested Media Partners may get in touch with Marga Manuel at 637.9347 or via e-mail (marga.pce@gmail.com).
Interested Sponsors may get in touch with Go Negosyo’s Marketing Officer P.A. De Guzman at 637.9229 or via e-mail (padeguzman.pce@gmail.com).

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