What it means to invest in your kids

Brighter Life Philippines

From the moment your first child comes kicking and screaming into the world, a weird thing happens: you become preoccupied with saving. Shortly after you cut the umbilical cord, you’re possessed with this urge to stash barrels of money away, into the earth, or into a vault encoded to your baby’s retina.


Photo used under Creative Commons from kwanie

It starts off innocently enough. You stop buying small luxuries for yourself. You start computing how much grade school costs. (PHP 70,000 for Ateneo, over a million for any kind of international school.) You look into college plans. You read about financial products. You worry about the future. And you wonder, “Am I saving enough?” The answer is almost always, “No.”

Alpha male hormones kick in, and you start working like you’re possessed by Ebenezer Scrooge. You burn the midnight oil. You push for that promotion. Your answer to everything is…

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