Arts and Entertainment

I’m neither an artist nor an entertainer by profession but i could be artistic and entertain people in my own unique way.

I love make-up. And for me, it is an Art. And I’d like to feature Michelle Phan in this entry as my inspiration. It was late in October 2012 that I accidentally clicked one of Michelle Phan’s videos. I could barely remember what was the title of the first video that I watched—but one word I could describe it was that—it was engaging. And I watched it ‘til the end! I got to watch also Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie’s make-up and many more. Below are the top five reasons why I subscribed to Michelle Phan’s make-up tutorial video:

  1. It is relatively short. A five-to-ten minute videos wouldn’t hurt for me to watch especially if I could learn make-up which is I also love. People nowadays are busy so I guess, they do opt to do things in a short span of time as possible without compromising the learnings.
  2. Her boldness to try new colors. Make-up is art. She expresses herself through the colors she chooses for her make-up. I also like the way she transforms herself into another famous icon in the entertainment industry.
  3.   It is entertaining. The music and her sweet voice were never boring. I love her choice of music and it perfectly matches her make-up tutorials. Makes me want to do some dance steps if the beats permit me to do so.
  4. Her sincerity. I could feel that she really wants her audience to learn. No wonder she has lots of subscribers. I tried to watch some of the videos she uploaded years ago and she wasn’t skilled there yet. But her willingness to learn and share it to the world makes her videos stand out from the rest!
  5. Her bloopers and tenacity. People make mistakes—and she’s one of them.  She may not get her obra the first time but she’s persistent to make a masterpiece—and she’s a product of that masterpiece! It is apparent that her endurance to take the road to success leads her to her dreamed destination. Indeed, dreams do come true. Also, she makes her tutorial light and fun. And it shows that she loves what she’s doing.

I’d like to say that I’m inspired by you Michelle! Keep going. You’re meant for greatness!

How about you friends? What keeps you going? Do you also love what you do just like Michelle?


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