Leizl A. Villapando (L.A.V.) Stories Blog site is created to be able for the author to share her life with the world. Articles written, stories composed, poetry created and photos posted are meant to inspire, motivate, educate or simply inform her friends, soon-to-be-friends and family of the things that are significantly happening to her.

I once dreamed of becoming a journalist but my path was redirected. Then, I realized, I could still express myself through blogging. I will write as simple as I can “to express and not to impress”—to convey my thoughts or share any significant events with regards to the seven mountains or anything that captures my interest.  But the main purpose of this blog is to inspire and motivate the readers by the different kind of plays, events, news, poems, photos and other short stories featured in this blog.

What is the Seven Mountains?

Seven Mountains of Influence talk about the different fields where a person could excel depending on his or her passions. It’s about mastering a chosen field doing it excellently. Last November 2012, Dr. Lance Wallnau, a motivational, inspirational speaker and a pastor, came here in the Philippines and shared about the Seven Mountains of Influence held at CCF, St. Francis Square. Seven mountains include arts and entertainment;  business and wealth; church and community;  education and culture; family;  law and government; and media and events.

What is your mountain?

The first time it was launched in Destiny Makati, I chose the mountain of education—I teach through training. But I know, I don’t need to rush in climbing my mountain. Things change through time. Who knows, I could simply be in the family mountain fulfilling the call of a noble housewife.; or in the mountain of entertainment—because I want to be a rockstar when I retire. Hahaha. We are not limited to one mountain but I believe things are interrelated. But it is always a good thing to be a master of something and know a little bit of other beneficial things. In a management perspective, studies prove that that a person could manage to master three to four specializations. Wisely choose yours!

Hope you will find each entry useful. Have a great day!

Caveat. No harm intended for every post. In fact I would greatly encourage feedback on how to improve my blog site. Constructive criticisms are welcome. 🙂

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